LibreMoney manifesto

1. The right of issue belongs to all users.
2. The emitted new money is allocated only for the performed socially useful work.
3. To receive the emission, it is necessary to successfully implement a socially useful project.
4. The usefulness of a project is determined by open voting.
5. Voting is conducted after completion of work on the project for a fixed period of time.
6. All members of the community can participate in the voting.






Manifesto of the developer
Manifesto Club Innovators (A-CluB)
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Program of "Pirate Party of Russia"
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Manifesto Club Innovators (A-CluB)

Do you have a crude idea, but there are no resources - we will help you her "dovarit and fry." We are an open community of people with ideas, projects, resources, experience and contacts. Join us and we will make every effort to help you realize your projects from art to technology or global utopias. Read more...

Manifesto Alpha1 (75230206)

The global objective of the project - the creation of resource-reputation-monetary economy, where the money is - it is an internal unit - a measure of the value of the products (goods and services). Read more...

A world without currency

Before you engage in joint development I propose to draw up and sign the manifesto. This will give an understanding of what we do, which way to go, and who are already with us, and who is still unavailable. I propose to discuss now those items that will be at the heart of our movement. Read more...

Money, energy, human labor

Money - is an analogue of energy. The energy required to produce a product (good or service). In fact, Marx wrote about the same thing - only needed for the production of human labor. Human labor - that is, this energy - this is real money! Read more...

Manifesto of free information space

This text aims to present the position on the issue of copyright and exchange of information. It is hoped that it will embrace the people she would close, thus increasing the probability of realization of the ideals described. Read more...


Organization - The Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace (ru) - Attempts to block the work of WikiLeaks moved to a new level (ru)