Russian NeuroNet group

Timur Shchukin

Neuronet - Analytical Report (RU)
"Approaches to the formation and launch of new industries in the context of the National Technology Initiative, the example of the scope of" Technologies and Systems digital reality and perspective "human-computer" interface (part neuro-electronics)"


The workshop report Neyronet in RVC

16 October 2014 in RVC hosted a seminar on "Neuronet". Among the participants there were foreign experts invited by the Russian group and neyroneta forum "Open Innovation" at the round table the day before. In addition to them in the seminar was attended by some members of the Russian group neyroneta and other acceding specialists. More...

NeuroWeb will be the next generation of the Internet

NeuroWeb will be the next generation of the Internet. This convinced many members of the international workshop held last night in the Russian Venture Company (RVC). More...

Round table. Neuronet.

Dear friends! As Buknet once changed the Internet, and to replace it rapidly comes Neuronet. Moreover, if the distribution of the book took hundreds of years, and html protocol - dozens, the world noosphere mind becomes accessible to our reason in the next few years! More...