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MaidSafe is a fully decentralized platform on which application developers can build decentralized applications. The network is made up by individual users who contribute storage, computing power and bandwidth to form a world-wide autonomous system. Read more...

Calling Decentralized Application Developers

How would you like to create the next Dropbox, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Candy Crush, or secure email service? The SAFE network offers every developer the opportunity to create applications without any infrastructure costs and without any barrier to entry. Read more...

Основные разработчики

If you have found your way onto this page it probably means that you are a developer looking to contribute to the underlying SAFE network codebase. Thank you for coming, together we can all help to make the Internet a free place once more. Initially we welcome any bug fixes and patches and in time these contributions will turn into new features and further enhancements. Our list of JIRA tasks can be found here.

Improvements to the codebase will be rewarded with safecoin, the currency of the SAFE network. The amount of safecoins awarded will initially be determined by polling the MaidSafe developer mailing list and payments will be allocated from the MaidSafe Foundation. 5% of all safe coins have been set aside for this purpose.

The SAFE network core libraries are written exclusively in C++. Before contributing please read our code standards page, which is by our own admission, a blatant copy and alteration of the Google guide. It is important that we stipulate and enforce these standards in order that the code base remains manageable and consistent.

Please also be sure to observe the Yum Yum rule, this is critically important!

All our libraries can be found in GitHub and there is plenty of support available, either through our mailing list or via our community run forum. You can also access some MaidSafe technical white papers within the wiki of each project.

In addition to the the core team that exists at our HQ in Troon, we are currently in the process of setting up decentralized core developer pods world-wide. This dissemination of knowledge is an important step in making this project stronger and more robust. Our initial focus has been on San Francisco and continental Europe (more through circumstance than planning), however, we are keen that this movement accelerates throughout the world and would love to hear from anyone who is interested in setting up a pod in their local area. Our hope is that in time these pods will become self sustaining. To find out more vist it the meetup website.

App Builders

This is the MaidSafe Library stack, it shows how each of the libraries tie in to enable applications to build and run successfully.

By introducing the SAFE network's very own crypto currency, safecoin, developers now finally have an Open Source business model that works. By coding your safe wallet ID into your application(s), the network will automatically pay safecoins to you based on how much the application is utilised by end users. No longer will app developers need to morph themselves into support experts or advertising resellers, you can now focus on making great applications with a revenue stream already built in.

As an Open Source developer access to the SAFE network will be completely free of charge, enabling you to outperform all incumbents, with back end infra structure that automatically adapts in real-time to demand fluctuations, which also allows you to offer anonymity, security and privacy to all your users. To help get you up and running, MaidSafe are releasing a number of example applications, these can be accessed here.

The SAFE network API is being developed and is available here. Join us and start work on your next venture, we will help make your vision a reality.

MaidSafe are starting developer pods which will decentralise the SAFE network knowledge base and help to establish a world wide community. These pods will bring together like minded individuals who are are working on the core network code, or applications that sit on top of the network. To find out more visit the meetup website.

Reasons for developing on the MaidSafe platform:

Your applications here


As you may know, the SAFE network is comprised by utilising the committed and unused computing resources of the users on the network, we call these users farmers. Farmers, analogous to miners in the Bitcoin world, provide their resources, storage space, CPU and bandwidth in return for safecoin, the currency of network when it launches later this year.

Users can become farmers by anonymously downloading the SAFE network software available when the full network launches later this year and running a vault (a data storage and management location). These vaults require no setup or administration, they are a simple download and install. The SAFE network is designed to self-manage these resources and reward farmers accordingly.

The network stores data on nodes at random, uniformly distributing it across the SAFE network and safecoins are awarded to farmers when data is anonymously retrieved from their vaults. The system utilises a Proof of Resource (P.O.R) model to determine that it is able to use the resource that has been committed to it by the farmer. This continual checking of resource is described in the following illustration.

For those of you who have decided to become farmers you will be able to provide your spare computing resource to the network later this year when the full network goes live. In order to earn safecoins you must provide more resource than you are using. For example, a farmer providing 10GB of storage and using 10Gb will not earn anything, whereas a farmer using 10GB and providing a 100Gb will.

Each node (computer) will be given a ranking by the network, this ranking will be based on the attributes of the node. For example, a node that provides a lot of extra storage, has a powerful CPU and lots of spare bandwidth on a computer that is always switched on will be given a good ranking by the network. The network will give a lower ranking and subsequently store less data on a node that provides less storage, with a slow CPU and limited bandwidth on a computer that is switched on intermittently.

At this point, we are unable to provide any figures about mining speed, there are simply too many variables to even attempt to calculate this with any accuracy. However, as we get the test networks up and running through the course of the next few months, we will start to publish this test data which may lead to a clearer picture about what users can expect. As the network stores data at random in a lottery system, it is likely that if you are looking to farm on a more commercial scale you will be more efficient using multiple commodity PCs (or NAS devices) rather than a single, high powered farming rig. For ongoing discussions about farming on the SAFE network please visit our community run forum.


Распределенное облачное хранилище


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Самое безопасное и приватное облако


Storj: Decentralizing Cloud Storage

Storj White Paper (copy)

Облако поддерживаемое Сообществом


Облачная платформа которой вы можете доверять



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