Declaration Alpha2 - 75230418

1. The global objective

1.1. The global objective of the project - the creation of a knowledge economy.
1.2. The basis of the knowledge economy are the products of the mind and reputation.

2. The strategic goal

2.1. The strategic goal of the project - the creation of a resource-reputational economy.
2.2. The basis of the resource and reputational economy is the person (people), resources (products) and the reputation of persons.
2.3. Persons - is the registered user avatars under which they commit acts. The user has the right to disclose or not to disclose their identity.
2.4. Resources - this technology, Open Source software, movies, music and other works (not tangible products) passed into the public domain. As well as goods and services.
2.5. Reputation - a set of numerical indicators, reflecting the assessment of the public acts committed of the person.

3. The tactical purpose

3.1. The tactical objective of the project - the creation of a decentralized system kernel, creating a distributed database technology projects, the creation of a decentralized system of cooperation between technical specialists.
3.2. The core consists of tools (API, protocols, utilities) and a free decentralized database.
3.3. Creating a distributed network of communication in society, which can not be destroyed, moderate, or some other means to restrict freedom of information exchange.

4. The objectives of the future

4.1. Creating a technology development near and far space.
4.2. Creating life extension technologies, the creation of artificial intelligence.
4.3. Per cognitione universum ad homo divinus - Through the knowledge of the universe to the People Divine

5. Freedom

5.1 The project is non-commercial and will remain so forever.
5.2. All the developments made in the framework of the project distributed under a free license (public domain).
5.3. Everyone can enjoy the benefits without restrictions (public domain).
5.4. The project is completely independent of any company or persons (groups).
5.5. Nobody has the right to appropriate development and to own any part of the system.
5.6. The issue of security system developers and users is a top priority.
5.7. Responsibility for security is a Anonymous group.

6. Development

6.1. Anyone can participate in the development.
6.2. The system consists of many parts.
6.3. Often integrated into modules and packages.
6.4. Each part of the system implements its own group.
6.5. The module implements together several groups that come together in community.
6.6. We are open to all developers who want to take part in the project and agree with the rules established in the community.

7. Management

7.1. Managing the process of development based on the principles of meritocracy, technocracy and Kopa law (Kopa rules). (Kopa rules - gathering of people to address issues related to the life of the community. See: Wikipedia)
7.2. High Representative are three persons: the leader (captain), the secretary and the system administrator.
7.3. Responsible for making important technical solution is a technical committee.
7.4. Strategic decisions are made in the Veche (See: Wikipedia).
7.5. Developers are grouped together. Groups come together in community. Communities united in society. Society together in unions.
7.6. In the group of elected representative of the group (group leader). In the community elected representative of the community (community leader). In a society elected representative of the society (society leader).
7.7. Each developer can belong to several groups. Each group leader can belong to several communities. Each community leader can belong to several societies. Every leader of a society can belong to several unions.
7.8. The control is decentralized as described in the organizational structure (see. Below).

8. Reputation

8.1. Reputation - a set of numerical indicators, reflecting the actions committed person.
8.2. Reputation reflects the size of the generated values (products).
8.3. Reputation reflects the reliability of the person (the fulfillment of obligations, performance contracts).
8.4. Reputation reflects an assessment of a person other actions.

9. Money

9.1. A measure of the cost of resources (products) is an internal accounting unit.
9.2. The cost of one unit is approximately equal to the estimated cost of the payment of one hour of labor is not a skilled worker (eg guard). That at the moment corresponds to approximately $2 or 100 rubles for 1 hour.

Organizational structure

Management of the development process takes place in a decentralized manner as described in Organizational structure.

1. Groups

1.1. Group - an association of persons. Minimum - 3 persons. A maximum of 12 persons. Recommended maximum - 10 people.
1.2. Of the persons in the group elected representative (leader) of the group.
1.3. The leader of the group is elected on the principles of meritocracy. The group leader is elected by the members of the group.
1.4. The maximum term of office until the next election - 1 year.

2. Communities

2.1. Community - an association of groups. At least 3 groups. A maximum of 12 groups. Recommended maximum - 10 groups.
2.2. In a society elected representative (leader) community.
2.3. A community leader is elected on the principles of meritocracy. Community leader elected by the group leader.
2.4. The maximum term of office until the next election - 1 year.

3. Society

3.1. Society - an association of communities.
3.2. In societies elected leaders of society.
3.3. Leader society is elected on the principle of meritocracy.
3.4. The process is similar as in the communities.

4. Unions

4.1. Unions - an association of companies.
4.2. In the Union elected leader of the Union.
4.3. Union Leader is elected on the principle of meritocracy.
4.4. The process is similar as in the community.

5. Technical committee

5.1. Responsible for making important technical solution is a Technical committee.
5.2. The Technical committee shall be elected by voting of the leaders of society.
5.3. The maximum term of a post every member of the Technical Committee until the next election - 1 year.

6. Veche

6.1. Veche - a meeting of the Technical Committee, the leaders of unions and societies. (See: Wikipedia)
6.2. On Veche accepted strategic decisions.

7. Leader

7.1. The maximum term of the post - 1 year.

8. Secretary

8.1. The maximum term of the post - 1 year.

9. System Administrator

9.1. The maximum term of the post - 1 year.


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