World Union


Unification of mankind - of course, an important and necessary step of the international community. In this endeavor, and the objective tendency is the logic of the development of human civilization. The origins and roots of the unity of mankind find its basis in his past - a common origin of the people belonging to a single genus, which is generally accepted scientific fact, as well as its present and future. In a closed ecosystem of our planet in a causal relationship and interdependence of all processes taking place at all levels of the organization of the global natural and social systems, in space and in time. Unfortunately, mankind is not aware of a single integrated themselves perfectly reasonable and balanced global synergy antroposotsialnym planetary space biosphere-noosphere Organism.

As a consequence, humanity and human civilization is not yet unified constitutional design Planetary and Space Holistic Alliance and the Union. Lack of a single constitutional, legal, spiritual and moral, humanitarian - cultural, moral, ethical, axiological (value), educational, informational, ecological, economic, and technological innovation, customs, sanitary and living space as a space to ensure global, national, social, cultural, environmental safety world community, sustainability and advanced development.

The desire for natural interaction and mutual development of hundreds of millions of seemingly disparate personalities always existed, appearing at all stages of human history. People in his earthly existence, not even knowing each other, they come to some common purpose, due to the vector of expediency, the vector of development, the unity of our material, social, psychological, space, spiritual and divine nature.

In order to unite mankind requires that all felt in this union irreversible and inevitable Force. This force must have a great degree of natural Universalism in its essence, the essence and content, in order to take this unity felt his organicity, personal interest in life, and a deep interest in sacred, it is only in a harmonious balance and implementation of private and public interests that coincide with Higher interest of expediency, the Plan History of Creation and Evolution possible harmonious formation and development of the New World, in which each person and all humanity will reveal its Cosmic Prednaznochenie, its historical mission, through its unique creative contribution to the common cause, common present, Common Future, general The Aim!

Question unification of mankind - it is a matter of the near future, which is inexorably shrinking, as a critical mass of global, regional and inter-civilizational problems requiring consolidated solutions, has already reached its critical threshold. Therefore, only in the system merging all existing spiritual, administrative, organizational, scientific, technological, financial, social and other capacities and resources possible to find solutions to global problems, to overcome the systemic crisis of civilization, the birth of a global common Sapiens Mankind as a holistic natural cosmic organism in the environment better balanced and equitable New World meets the highest human values ​​and ideals!

During the historical life of psychological closeness of man with all the other people made tremendous progress. We must not forget that all our public unions are at the heart of psychological phenomena. Consequently, a growing consciousness of proximity between people and can lead to the unity of external union. In addition to this internal psychological factor that develops in history, it developed and actual relations between all parts of the human race.

History is a process of bringing people closer together. At first they lived, not even knowing about the mutual existence. Now they all know each other. They had never had any contact outside the circle of the near neighbors. Now close communication cover the entire globe. Before people thought of strangers enemies, the barbarians. Now, in the person of all the tribes of the same generally accepted inner dignity and contempt for other people is extremely reduced. Community of science has become a fact in all parts of the world. The general trend of these factors increases the possibility of bringing people together in one world state.

Of course, the unity of mankind in general fate of the world is not a unity government. But, nevertheless, the fact of the unity of nature personalities that people much closer to each other, rather than as members of political alliances - that unity brings psychologically every person with humanity more than his own state.

Developed the idea of universal unity, brotherhood, multiply the spiritual and material relations between the states have only the value of that increase and ennobling ideals of all nations. They increasingly penetrate the idea of universal good, as good a measure implemented by each state within the scope of its power. But this in no way undermines the motivation of individual existence of each individual state.

Where appropriate to organize the World Union of earthlings?


To verify the feasibility study of a new center in the region Evraziafriki pay attention to the following facts. Eurasia's most populous continent. Over 70% of the world's population can be found here. Capital has always gravitated toward the center for optimal entrance from other parts of the world. Climate Centre should be close to the medium-parameters, which corresponds to the region of the subtropics. This region corresponds to the fortieth parallel.

Next, you must determine the parameters of parallels and meridians. Carefully she looked at the map of Eurasia and Africa, we note that the average center will be located in the eastern part of Turkey. See a curious geographical detail, fortieth parallel runs along the lines of the ancient states, and in many cases pass through the capital city.

That they bear? Here the city (call only large metropolitan and tolerance) - from the East (Japan) (Korea), (China), Beijing, Bukhara, Samarkand, Baku, Yerevan, Ankara, Troy (found in the excavations) (Greece) (Italy ) (Spain) Madrid, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, DC.

Fortieth meridian is no less interesting. On the north it goes through all the ancient cities of Russia - Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Yaroslavl, Rostov Veliky, Yuriev-Polsky, Suzdal, Vladimir, Ryazan, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi. Further south - a world-renowned centers of Islam - Mecca and Medina. The intersection of the fortieth meridian and corresponds to the fortieth parallel of eastern Turkey.

All ancient known civilization formed on the fortieth latitude. Here was discovered the very first of the modern homo sapiens. Today's world, and directly and indirectly associated with this area (the emergence of ancient civilizations, the emergence of the world Religions, etc.). This area is the center of Pangaea.

On the basis of the above, we conclude that the center of the new global organization is expedient to establish in what is now eastern Turkey. This area is located at the intersection of the borders of Europe and Asia, at the crossroads of Arab, Turkic, Iranian, Christian, Jewish and Islamic world. Neither North nor the deep south, east or deep, or west. Located in the geographical site.


Вся земля

Picking up a pair of scissors and a map, it is easy to repeat one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century. Enough to cut all the continents and to lay down their images. They merge with each other, as if the whole of the continent once ruptured. Scientists believe that once all the modern continents were part of one giant continent. For example, when connecting Africa and South America, not only the contours of the coastline a hair's breadth correspond to each other, but even the mountains in Argentina seem otvetvetleniem mountain range in South Africa, and the Brazilian Highlands continues in Africa, in the Ivory Coast. On both continents show the same mineral deposits, remains the same extinct animals.