The measure of value, medium of exchange, a store of value


The joint collection of resources for the implementation of various projects


Smart contracts


Wealth has exceeded 1% of people state the remaining 99% of the inhabitants of the Earth

Only 1% of the Earth's richest people own more states than all the rest of the population of the planet, according to the report prepared by the British charity Oxfam for the next World Economic Forum in Davos. Read more...

Financial Markets and Institutions

Video lectures on financial markets and institutions. This course examines the global changes that are transforming the financial markets, engage in financial turnover of the new institutions, contribute to the emergence of new financial instruments, changing approaches to the regulation of financial markets. Read more...

Rachel Botsman: The currency of the new economy is trust

There's been an explosion of collaborative consumption — web-powered sharing of cars, apartments, skills. Rachel Botsman explores the currency that makes systems like Airbnb and Taskrabbit work: trust, influence, and what she calls "reputation capital." Read more...

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